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Keeping your home’s electrical system safe and functional is critical. If something goes wrong, you need to work with an expert to find a safe and effective solution.

However, with dozens of electricians in Baton Rouge alone (not counting Livingston and Ascension Parishes), it can be hard to figure out how to choose the right electrical contractor for your job.

In this post, we’re going to show you some factors that you should consider when choosing an electrician.

Are they licensed, bonded and insured?

We can’t stress enough the importance of your electrician being licensed, insured, and bonded before performing work at your home.

Any qualified electrician should have liability insurance to cover whatever type of work that they may be performing (from a routine electrical check-up to changing a light switch to replacing your home’s electrical wiring).

By hiring a licensed, insured, and bonded, and electrician, you prevent unnecessary costs, stress, and dangers that can arise should something go wrong in your home or business.

Hiring a licensed, bonded, and insured electrician ensures that all of the electricians working on your home or business have the proper training and experience to perform safe and effective work.

In most states (Louisiana included), there are two types of licenses for electricians.

The first type of electrical license is a journeyman’s license, which is basically like a driver’s permit. The license-holder can work, but only under the direct supervision of a fully-licensed electrician.

The second type of license (you guessed it) is a full electrician license. A full electrician license is like a driver’s license, whereby the license holder can work by themselves.

When choosing an electrical professional, it’s usually best to choose a fully licensed electrician to ensure the most skilled, experienced, and professional technician is on the job.


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Who is performing the work?

Frequently, electricians will work as a part of a team or for a company that consists of master electricians, licensed journeyman electricians, or electrical apprentices.

Plus, if an electrical contractor gets too busy, they may subcontract some of their work to other electrical companies.

It’s a good idea to know who will be taking care of your project when you contact the company.

Also, you want to ensure that every member of their team is covered by the appropriate licensing and insurance for your safety and peace of mind.

What are their qualifications and certification?

Ensure that the electrical contractor you choose has the proper training and experience to provide you with high-quality and top-notch electrical work.

For an electrician to be certified, they must have no less than three years of experience.


What is their reputation?

While word of mouth has traditionally been a popular way to evaluate a service provider, the internet’s widespread availability has made it easier to determine a company’s reputation.

Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Home Advisor make it easy to read reviews and testimonials before selecting any company and hiring them.


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Will they provide an estimate?

Any good electrician should be able to provide you a free estimate on the costs and time frame associated with your needed electrical services.

You should contact them via their website, or you can go old-school and call them.

Talking to your electrical contractor provides an easy and effective way to get to know potential companies.

Some electricians know their craft so well that they can provide you a price guarantee in writing before even visiting your residence or place of business.

Written price guarantees allow you to know how much the work will cost before any work starts, which prevents any surprises when you receive the invoice.


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What are their guarantees and warranties?

If your electrical contractor can’t (or won’t) give you a quality guarantee and a warranty, run!

Guarantees and warranties are signs of quality workmanship and genuine customer service.

Most top electrical contractors warranty their work, covering you if something does go wrong after they complete the job.

Many leading electrical contractors also offer satisfaction guarantees to ensure that you get the results that you want.

What are their workers like?

Because they are coming into your home or place of business, it’s best to get a feel for the workers. All good electrical contractors make sure that their workers are:

  • drug-free
  • uniformed
  • adequately equipped with the right tools for the job
  • properly trained for your job

Additionally, the workers performing your installation or electrical repairs should be respectful of the environment in which they are working.

We’ve even seen electricians wearing shoe covers in homes and businesses to protect the flooring and vacuum before leaving the job site.


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What is their time frame?

Much like pricing and costs, the timeframe is another area of concern when you choose an electrician.

A lower-quality or less-experienced electrician may cause you to have to wait until they can provide the service you need.

High-quality electrical companies should be able to guarantee same-day service to give you timely and efficient repair that you need.

Additionally, most leading electricians will offer 24/7 service to provide urgent help with your electrical emergencies.

When it comes to performing the work, an excellent electrical contractor should be able to complete the job efficiently, diligently, and safely to make sure that you get back to your routine sooner.

Selecting the right commercial or residential electrician can be overwhelming due to the number of options to choose from. If you prioritize safety, quality, efficiency, service, and price, you should be able to weed through them to hire an electrician for your job.


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