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Louisiana summers are the perfect time for an electrical checkup for your home or business.


When was the last time that your home or business had an electrical check-up?

The hot and humid Louisiana summer is the perfect opportunity to have an electrician visit and thoroughly check your home’s electrical system.

Just like people visit their doctor every year for an annual physical, a home or business’s electrical system should receive annual or semi-annual inspections.

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Why does your electrical system need a check-up?

The main reason for doing this is to protect the home or building’s longevity, protect the occupants and customers’ well-being, and ensure the best electrical efficiency, which can save you money on your electric bill.

Throughout the year, as you note electrical devices in your home receiving wear and tear, write down a quick list, and keep it accessible.

If it’s close to winter time, make sure your fireplace is ready to warm your house safely.  Here are some electric fireplace heater tips


Trust your electrical repairs to a professional.

It’s best to leave electrical repairs, installations, and maintenance to a professional and licensed electrician.

If you opt to perform your electrical repairs yourself or hire an under-qualified individual to work on your electrical system, you may end up paying more time and money down the road than had you simply hired a professional electrician.

Make a to-do list of repairs needed.

The more work that your electrician can do in a single visit, the more that you will save versus paying for numerous service calls.

Plus, most electrical issues and problems should only be repaired by a professional electrician due to the risk involved.

Evaluate your electrical usage needs.

Summer is also a perfect time to evaluate your residential or commercial electrical usage needs.

Does your home or business need more power than you currently have?

If so, jot that down on your list and ask your electrician if a system upgrade is possible.


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Consider Efficient Electrical Options.

While preparing for your electrical system check-up, it may be prudent to determine if your home or business could benefit from money-saving electrical fixture upgrades.

For example, you may want to upgrade highly-used rooms from conventional incandescent lights to fluorescent ones. Better yet, you may want to convert them all to cost-saving LED lights.

For just a minimal investment, you can save hundreds on your electrical bill by reducing your electrical consumption.

Select an electrician

Now, you have to select an electrical professional to do the job for you. You can ask your friends, get word-of-mouth recommendations, or do as most people do – Google an “electrician near me.”

When you speak to the contractor, be sure to learn more about them by asking questions such as:

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • What is your specialty?
  • Do you charge by the job or by the hour?
  • What’s a ballpark estimate for my project?

Feel free to read our recent post about selecting an electrical contractor for more tips in hiring an electrician.


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Get an estimate

Once you have enough items on your electrical to-do list, call or email your chosen electrical contractor to get an estimate.

Let them know what all your job consists of and give them time to come up with a quote for you.

Note: The best price may not always be the best fit.

Often inexperienced electricians will “low-ball” other companies to get your business and tack on unnecessary items and fees on the tail-end of your service work.

While you’re waiting for them to give you an estimate, go through your home or business one more time to make sure that you haven’t missed anything.


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Prepare for the electrician’s visit.

Finally, once the job is scheduled, prepare for your electrician’s visit. Clear all work areas of fragile items, home decorations, and furnishings. Cover up anything that you may not want to get sheetrock dust or dirt on.

Also, ensure that your electrical breaker (panel box) is clear and easily accessible. By being prepared, you will save the electrician time, which will save you money.

Once your repairs have been made, and the visit is complete, you can breathe easily, knowing that your home or business’s electrical system is operating safely and efficiently.

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