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Electricity is something that we can’t live without. We love it when everything’s working correctly but panic when it isn’t.

Sure, there are issues that we can tackle ourselves, but there are times that we need to enlist the help of an experienced electrician.

It’s essential to ask questions before you hire an electrician. Sure, most are honest and capable of doing exceptional work. Unfortunately, some aren’t so good, so ask lots of questions before letting just anyone handle your electrical 

Residential electricians don’t take on commercial jobs, and commercial electricians don’t take on residential jobs.

You must know your electrical contractor’s area of expertise.

Some electricians install complete electrical systems, while some focus on replacing electrical panels, circuit breakers, light fixtures, and installing wiring.

You must explain to the electrician beforehand the type of work you need to be performed to see if they’re capable of tackling your job.

Here are some critical questions to ask before hiring an electrician.

License and Insurance

When a permit is required (and for insurance purposes), you’ll want to hire a licensed electrician.

You can rest easy knowing that an electrician can pay for any damage they may cause to your home or business.  

Their insurance will also cover any injuries that the electrical company’s workers may suffer should an accident occur.

Ask for licenses and proof of worker’s compensation that they carry.


Most electrical contractors will provide you a free estimate at your home. 

However, if it’s a relatively small job, they stand to lose money just by driving to your home, so they may give you a fixed price or minimum price for your job.  

If your electrical project is more extensive, you can ask for an hourly rate for the job.

Next, shop around and get rates from several different companies. If at all possible, have multiple companies come to give you an estimate in person.

Now, with multiple estimates, you’re better equipped to make an educated decision when hiring someone to do your electrical work.


professional electrician supplies baton rouge

Please resist the temptation to buy materials for the job yourself thinking that it will save you money because usually, it doesn’t.

Instead, let your electrical contractor make the purchases because they have a better idea of the quantities needed and likely, can get a better price per unit from electrical wholesalers or regular suppliers.

Plus, if your electrician buys the parts and materials, he is responsible for replacing anything faulty or broken.


There’s a chance that your electrician will need to cut holes in your wall or ceiling to perform their required work.

Ensure that you know who will be making the repairs and who is responsible for paying them.

It’s your home or business, so you may want to ask the electrician how much damage the job may cause.


On smaller jobs, your electrical contractor may want to be paid when the job is completed. 

On larger ones, they may ask for a down payment before purchasing materials and starting the job, and the balance paid upon job completion.

Some will even set up payment plans if the job warrants them.

Carefully review the payment options and their terms of service.


If your electrician has to bring on more help to finish your project, he may have to charge more.

Ask him before the job starts. 

Brainstorm everything that you can that relates to your project. Feel free to ask questions, so you’re not surprised when the job is done.

Whether you have a significant construction project, need new electrical equipment, or need a routine service call, hiring an electrician is so much more than just finding a company on Google and calling them. 

The good news is that by keeping these few things in mind, you’ll be more-equipped to hire someone you can trust to meet your electrical service needs.

If you need to hire an electrical contractor in the Baton Rouge area, contact us. We’d love to give you a free quote.

If you’re considering becoming an electrician in Baton Rouge, we’re hiring. Visit our careers page to learn more.

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