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Residential electrical services

electrical service for your home

complete electrical service for home or multi-family dwelling

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There are many reasons that you may need to enlist the services of a residential contractor.  When it comes to issues in your home, apartment, townhouse, or multifamily dwelling, it is important to go with a professional.  Anything less can produce unsafe conditions, injuries, or death.

We strive to provide the communites of Baton Rouge, Hammond, Louisiana and surrounding areas with an unparalleled level of professionalism and expertise. The experts at Owens Electrical Contractors provide a full range of electrical services, and can troubleshoot and resolve your electrical problems in a safe, efficient, and affordable manner, allowing you and your family to rest easy knowing they are safe.

Quality Residential Electric services

What owens electrical contractors can do for you

New Construction

If you’re building a home from the ground up, we can design and install your complete electrical system.

System upgrades

Lower your electrical bill by installing energy efficient system components.


Repair and replace those broken lights or add outdoor security lighting for your family’s safety.


Find and fix electrical issues such as tripped breakers and dead outlets.

Addition of circuits

Replace dangerous overloaded extension cords with dedicated circuits.


Expand your home’s existing electrical system for renovations and additions


Preventative maintenance services to extend your system’s life span.

back up power

Keep your family functional with a backup power system.

keep your family safe

Rest easy knowing that your home, townhouse, or apartment’s electrical system is safe and dependable. 

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