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Generac Generator Denham Springs

Looking for backup power?

When you need backup home or commercial power, look no further than backup generators from Owens Electrical Contractors.

We offer a large inventory of backup generators to help you find the right backup generator for your unique needs. Contact us for a quote today!

generac home backup generator denham springs baton rouge louisiana

Generac Backup Generators: The Most Powerful and Dependable Generators on The Market

Without electricity, it is impossible to do anything. You can’t watch TV, use your computer, or even make a phone call. Backup generators are the ultimate solution for this problem!

Generac’s backup generators are the most reliable and durable on the market. They provide emergency power when you need it most, whether in your home or a commercial setting.

A generator can be used during storms, outages, and even brownouts to keep your home or business running smoothly when there is no electricity available.

These tough-built machines will never let you down!

Let Owens Electrical Contractors install your Generac backup generator Today. Speak to one of our sales experts for a free quote on backup generators from us. Our backup generator installation experts in Louisiana will always provide you with quality service and dependability you can trust.


Generac backup generators are durable, reliable, fully automatic, and require little to no maintenance. They come equipped with many features and benefits such as:

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    All of our Generac Generators feature a 5 Year Limited Warranty to provide you with peace of mind.

    Some backup generators from other companies only come with a 1 Year Limited Warranty, and their backup generators cost almost as much as ours!

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    True Powerâ„¢ Technology delivers best-in-class power quality with less than 5 percent total harmonic distortion for sensitive electronics and appliances’ clean, smooth operation.

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    Generac’s G-Force Engine is a purpose-built, pressure-lubricated engine capable of handling generator use rigors, resulting in more reliable power and requiring less routine maintenance than any competitive engine.

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    Quiet-Testâ„¢ Self-Test Mode runs at a lower RPM for a five or twelve-minute test, making generators significantly quieter than other brands while consuming less fuel.

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    24/7/365 Customer Support Team standing by all day, every day, to answer any questions you might have.

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    RhinoCoatâ„¢ powder-coated finish helps make corrosion-resistant aluminum perfect for all weather conditions.


    Generac’s Evolutionâ„¢ Controller features a multilingual LCD display that allows users to monitor battery status and track maintenance intervals to ensure your generator is always in top operating condition.

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    Mobile Linkâ„¢ Remote Monitoring allows you to monitor the status of your generator from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

    Easily access information, such as the current operating status and the generator’s maintenance schedule. Connect your account to your authorized service dealer for fast, friendly, and convenient assistance. (sold separately)

    Get peace of mind with Generac generators!

    Call us today to discuss the best backup generator for your backup power needs.

    Power When You Need It Most

    Generators provide essential security for your family or business. You can use them during outages, storms, and other times when electricity is unavailable.

    A permanently installed Generac home backup generator protects your entire house from the most devastating blackouts. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel. It sits outside just like an air conditioning unit would be mounted on a building’s exterior walls — except that this machine provides power for everything in-between!

    It’s there when you need it most, providing backup power to your entire home.

    A Generac backup generator gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can still prepare food in your kitchen, watch TV or browse the internet on your laptop, take a hot shower, and go about all the other activities you’re accustomed to doing even if there is an outage!

    generac home backup generator denham springs baton rouge louisiana

    You can even use your backup generator for business purposes. Your employees will be grateful knowing that they can always access computers, the internet for work-related duties and maybe even play video games at their desk to boost morale during a power outage.

    You’ll never have to worry about being left in the dark again!

    Call us Today for backup generator installation services in Denham Springs, Louisiana, and surrounding areas.

    generac backup generator transfer switch denham springs

    Don’t Let Louisiana Hurricanes Get You Down!

    When a Louisiana hurricane hits, you can still power up your home or office to maintain a comfortable temperature, access the internet for work, and even play video games.

    Electricity is crucial for modern living. With these generators, you’ll never have to worry about being left in the dark again!

    Generac has been the industry leader in backup generator technology since its creation in 1959. Trusted by homeowners and business owners alike, you can’t go wrong with a Generac backup generator.

    The generators we offer are reliable and efficient enough to power your whole house or commercial building.

    Call us to learn more about the benefits of a Generac backup generator.

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    Options for Any Size and Budget

    Do you think that backup generator installation is far out of your budget? Think again!

    Owens Electrical Contractors provides backup generator services at an affordable price.

    Generac backup generators come in many sizes and styles to accommodate virtually any budget or need. Small backup generators are ideal for powering a single appliance during an outage, such as a refrigerator or furnace vent fan.

    Mid-sized backup generators can be used to power your entire house. They’re the ultimate solution for homeowners who want a continuous backup power supply to keep appliances and other electronics running.

    Commercial backup generators can provide backup power for your entire workplace, such as a hospital or hotel.

    generac whole house backup generator denham springs


    Don’t Delay – Call Today!

    Owens Electrical Contractors has the backup generator for you, whether you need backup power for your entire home or just a few appliances. We can install generators in new homes and buildings, service existing ones, and upgrade backup generators to provide more electricity.

    Call us Today for backup generator installation services in the Baton Rouge area.

    Serving Denham Springs LA, Baton Rouge, Abbeville, Walker, Zachary, Baker, New Roads, and all points in between.

    Here are a few questions we commonly get:

    Read some of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked.

    How much does it cost to install a Generac automatic generator?

    Generac generators cost from between $2,000 to $5,000 for a 7kW to a 24kW whole-house unit. Installation costs around $3,000 to $5000.

    Note: these are just industry averages. Contact us for your customized quote.

    How much power can I expect from a backup generator?

    On average, backup generators produce around 5kW to 24kW of power (and beyond).

    A smaller backup generator can run a furnace vent fan and refrigerator; medium backup generators will keep your entire home up and running during an outage, and larger backup generators provide backup power that you can rely on during extended outages or emergencies.

    Is backup generator maintenance something I should take care of myself, or is it time to call an expert?

    Generac’s maintenance kit makes it easy for you to keep up with regular service.

    Just like cars or lawnmowers, neglecting your unit can void the warranty- but doing what you can now give yourself peace of mind knowing that when trouble strikes, there’s no one else stuck without power!

    You’re investing in something big, so don’t skimp out on quality parts just for saving’s sake; genuine Generac parts are always better than generic knockoffs anyway.

    Where is the best place to install a Generac generator?

    Your backup generator typically powers your entire home, so you’ll want to consider installing it in a place where it’s not too noisy and away from any potential hazards.

    We recommend that backup generators be installed high up on an exterior wall of the house with access to a 220 circuit or breaker. We can help you decide on the best placement for backup generators in your home.

    Because Generac generators run on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel, it’s best to install them near where your utilities connect to your home.

    Owens Electrical Contractors provides backup generator services at an affordable price. Call Today to schedule backup generator installation!

    Will a 22kW generator run my whole house?

    It depends.

    For those who want to be prepared for anything, a 22kW whole-house standby generator is perfect. It can provide power in case of an emergency and allow you peace of mind knowing that your home will stay comfortable when you lose electricity!

    If cost isn’t much issue, but performance still matters, then consider going bigger with either the 27 – 36 kW range models, which replace 75% (or more!) of what enters into your electrical panel at 200 amps each day.

    How do I know what size backup generator to get for my house?

    This is a very common question, but thankfully it’s also a simple one to answer.

    When purchasing backup generators, homeowners have two options: they can either choose their backup generator based on how much electricity they need or by which appliances they want to power.

    The good news: You don’t have to do all of the calculating. Complete the form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll handle the backup generator calculations for you.

    What is the life of a whole-house generator?

    Standby generators typically have a lifespan between 20 and 40 years, although they can potentially last much longer if they’re kept clean and serviced every year or so. 

    How many hours is a Generac generator good for?

    Generac’s three thousand hour lifespan means your backup generator can withstand 125 full days of use before it needs to be replaced.

    You will likely only see power outages for an average of 3-4 days per year, which would mean that your machine lasts about 25 years–not even enough land explosions or zombie apocalypses!

    Is there a backlog of Generac generators?

    Unfortunately, recent weather events such as the ice storms in Texas and Hurricane Ida in Louisiana have led to Generac having a backlog.

    The good news is that Generac has announced that it will be opening a new plant in South Carolina to make generators and other energy technologies. The company said they expect 450 jobs for this project within two years of completion, which is excellent news!

    Don’t worry! We’re still here and ready to take your order for backup generators. As soon as we can get your generator shipped to our warehouse, we’ll get started right away!

    Owens Electrical Contractors is excited to provide backup generators for any homeowners or businesses in Louisiana. Call us Today for backup generator installation in Monroe, West Monroe, Bastrop, Delhi, Ruston, and surrounding areas.

    What size breaker is on a 22kW Generac generator?

    The generator and transfer switch are rated in the 75C column, and the generator has a 100 amp circuit breaker and a max output of 91.7 amps when running on LPG.

    How much of a house can a 9000 watt generator run?

    A 7500-watt unit is more than enough to keep your home running during an emergency.

    If you need additional power for lights, a television, and a microwave oven, then it’s time to reach out again!

    A 9kW standby generator could provide all the energy needed in emergencies where 1-ton air conditioning or furnaces are also running.

    Generac backup generators are quiet (your neighbors will thank you for that!), convenient, and effortlessly power all your electronics.

    They make it possible for homeowners to live without the constant fear of losing electricity! If you want backup generator installation in the Baton Rouge area, give us a call for your free quote.

    How can I get a Generac backup generator in the Baton Rouge area?

    We are an authorized backup generator dealer of Generac backup generators. If you are interested, please fill out the form below to install backup generators in your home or business Today.

    Let’s get started. Go ahead and get a free quote.

    get in touch with us now and we’ll show you why we’re simply your best choice.

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