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Why do people need to hire an electrician? Most people think that the only time they require one is building or remodeling a new home or business.

Actually, you need electricians for more than those particular jobs.

Why should you hire a professional electrician?

  • If you own a home or a business and have issues with your electrical system, you should call an electrician.
  • If you need to replace lighting fixtures, you should contact an electrician.
  • If you need to replace electrical equipment, you should call an electrician.
  • If you need any electrical work done, you should call an electrician.

A professional electrician works to do your job safely. Plus, it’s way better to call a professional than to try and fix it yourself and end up doing something wrong.

If you don’t do your electrical job correctly, it could be dangerous and cause a fire in your home or business (or worse).

Plus, it can be costly if you have to call in the pros to fix your mistakes.

Professional electricians are trained to know what they’re doing and are qualified to perform many tasks.

Most attend technical schools and receive valuable on-the-job training to be proficient in their craft. Some electricians learn the basics, and some go on to very specialized fields.

New and older homes and businesses should have the wiring checked out and inspected before buying to save money should they find out that anything is faulty or needs updating.

A certified electrician can help make your home or business safer by installing new wiring if it’s found to be needed.

Sure, you can try to fix the problems yourself, but if you do, you’ll always wonder if you did everything correctly.

How should you find an electrician?

You can usually find an electrician by any number of methods. 

Search on Google, ask your friends and family or ask on Facebook. Should you do the latter, you should have no shortage of options to choose from.

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Read our recent article on what to consider before hiring an electrician.

What kind of work should you hire an electrician for?

A professional electrician can perform many types of electrical jobs. Some work on commercial systems, some work on new construction in commercial buildings, some work on residential systems, and some even perform specialized jobs like installing wiring security systems.

The type of electrician you hire all depends on the kind of job you need to be done.

Each state requires different schooling and certifications for commercial electricians. So be sure to hire one that meets the requirements for your locale.

Do your research to find out the best qualified electrical contractor for your job.

What should you look for in an electrician?

When choosing an electrician, you should try to find one that is licensed, well-known, and good at what they do.

Like any other home-service professional, some are better and more experienced than others.

Check out multiple companies first before you hire them to do your work. It’s perfectly acceptable to do your research before hiring an electrical company.

Consider becoming an electrician.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, the need for master electricians is on the rise. They expect an 8 percent increase between now and 2029.

You can learn more about becoming an electrician in Louisiana at Housecall Pro.

Or, if you’re a Baton Rouge-based electrician, check out our job opportunities and join our electrician team. We offer competitive salaries, a safe working environment, and room for advancement.


An electrician is a professional that we need for jobs around our homes and businesses. They keep our lights on, our air conditioner running, and our lives in order.

For your safety and peace of mind, let a licensed electrician do your electrical jobs.

If you’re looking for an electrician in the Baton Rouge/Livingston/Ascension area, feel free to contact us for your free quote.

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