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When an electrical contractor does electrical work, they need to use the right tools to get the job done.

Electricians use any combination of standard hand tools, power tools, and testing equipment to do electrical work in businesses and homes.

These tools are used day-to-day and are extremely helpful, saving time and money.

What tools are used daily by electricians?

Here’s an overview of commonly-used tools in an electrician’s toolbox.

This is in no way a comprehensive list, but just an overview of some of the different tools you’re likely to see an electrician carry into your home or business when doing an electrical job.

Hand-held Electrical Tools

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Side cutting pliers and needle-nose pliers are two of the most typical tools that an electrical expert can’t do without.

Screwdrivers and nut drivers are required by electrical contractors to work with different fasteners and applications.

Wire strippers are incredibly convenient for an electrical expert to bring with them. They are utilized to strip electrical wires and can truly be necessary for electricians.

Fish tapes are utilized for working around live circuits and for daily use of long and short runs.

Fish poles are a wire setup tool for pulling wire through hard-to-reach places like down walls, drop ceilings, and under raised floors.

Measuring devices are tools used to calculate distances, such as a measuring tape. Electrical experts use measuring tapes all the time to make necessary measurements.

Identification devices allow electricians to correctly label their work, saving them time during installations and repairs with the ability to identify circuits and other electrical components.

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Power Tools

Smaller-sized power tools are used by electricians often because of their proven safety record and ease of use.

Some of the most frequently used power tools for an electrical contractor are saws and drills.

Some commonly-used brands that electricians will use are Dewalt, Ryobi, Milwaukee, and Rigid.

We’d go so far as to say that any good electrician has his favorite cordless drill.


Most of the time, when doing their work, an electrical expert will use a cordless drill.

The type of drill needed is dependent on the job being done and the material you’ll be using the drill on.


Saws are another tool that electricians use regularly. Just like drills, the type of saw an electrician will need depends on the job and materials it will be cutting.

Two of the most common saws used by electricians are reciprocating saws and spiral saws.

Some of the other saws typically used for electrical work are:

  • cut-off saws
  • portable band saws
  • hole saws

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The Evolution of Electrical Tools

Tools have come a long way in the past few years.

Today, they are made much better and offer a comfortable feel and grip to the individual using them.

Although they’re more lightweight than their predecessors, they’re just as effective.

Cordless technology allows for electricians to be self-sufficient and not have to stretch out extension cords to get power for their tools.

After all, isn’t that an electrician’s job – to bring power to locations that have none?

Here are Owens Electrical Contractors, we couldn’t do without our tools.

Our expert electricians use them daily to help them do their jobs safely, effectively, and affordably.

Whether they’re drilling a hole in a joist to attach a new junction box, stripping wire for a new light fixture, or using a measuring tape for a run of conduit, they’re using an electrical tool of some sort.

If you need electrical work done in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas, please contact us so that you can see our licensed and insured electricians use their tools first-hand.

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